Trustpilot and Seed

On the internet everything is about time to market. SEED helps me get there faster, with capital, expertise and network. It makes the difference between being number one and number who cares

– Peter Mühlmann, Trustpilot

Vivino and Seed

SEED Capital believed in us from day one and helped take Vivino from a small local app in Denmark to the number 1 wine app in the world

– Heini Zachariassen, Vivino

Endomondo and Seed

SEED Capital was the first institutional investor to believe in us and have backed us all the way. Seed Capital also helped us find a chairman, who made a big difference towards a successful exit early 2015

- Mette Lykke, Endomondo

Lunar Way's Ken Villum

SEED has contributed with their strong network in the financial sector and has helped us set an excellent board. They have been very helpful as a strategic partner and we have had a great collaboration developing our business model

- Ken Villum Klausen, Lunar Way

Acarix and Seed

SEED Capital has been instrumental in the process of listing Acarix on Nasdaq First North Premier. They have helped identify and attract highly skilled board members and have played a key role in our communication efforts. SEED Capital is helping us on the journey to create a win-win for patients, payers and physicians.

– Søren Rysholt Christiansen, Acarix

OrderYoyo and Seed

SEED has been the perfect partner from the very beginning. We have been given the best conditions to scale our business exponentially – going from 2 to 70 employees in just one year – and the journey has only just begun

– Thor Angelo, OrderYOYO

Templafy and Seed

The road from great product to amazing business is bumpy. SEED Capital have helped us navigate it from the minute we met and they continue to fuel our motivation every day

- Christian Lund, Templafy

Coinify and Seed

Becoming the world’s preferred blockchain payment provider requires agility, but also clarity in communicating to stakeholders. SEED Capital have been with us from the beginning. They have been supportive and have challenged us with their constructive feedback

– Mark Højgaard, Coinify

Reapplix and Seed

SEED have been supportive since day one! In particular their legal assistance have made great efforts to see things from the viewpoint of us as founders

- Rasmus Lundquist, Reapplix


SEED Capital believes that new technology can 'disrupt' existing industries, creating immense business opportunities. In Denmark we have many outstanding entrepreneurs able to identify innovative and value-creating opportunities. The next generation of tech entrepreneurs will play a key role in shaping Denmark’s future, and we are highly committed to working with them to achieve prosperous and beneficial results.

Who we are

We are the largest and most active seed stage venture fund in Denmark – and most likely the boldest! For more than 20 years, some of Denmark’s best companies have benefitted from our investments and support, including our wide business networks and extensive experience. As passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges of developing new ideas, as well as how to spot the opportunities behind successful businesses, and working effectively with entrepreneurs to achieve success. We value honesty, integrity and mutual trust, and will not hesitate to communicate to you openly and honestly our advice – because on that basis your business will be well-placed to move forward.

What we do

We aim to support committed entrepreneurs so that they develop from being good to being great. We develop early partnerships, helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build great technology companies based in Denmark. We are usually among the first institutional investors to join startups, and we participate in all investment rounds until exit along with other funds and business angels. By investing in more than 300 startup projects, we have become a catalyst for growth in the Danish venture environment. As a result, we have made a strong contribution to the Danish capital market for entrepreneurs.

What we look for

People! We invest in people more than anything – those with an idea that can be turned into a scalable business, and who can attract talent, customers and investors. Driven, ambitious entrepreneurs, willing to go the extra mile in order to build a successful venture. When we meet entrepreneurs who reflect these qualities, we are ready to work with them.
What we bring

Building a successful company isn’t a walk in the park. There will inevitably be tough times and hard choices to make. As an early partner we are able to help by adjusting business models, attracting strong candidates for the board, and identifying the early key hires – who are central to the success of companies. SEED Capital has an extensive network developed over years of working with more than 300 business angels, syndication partners and international VCs. By calling on this deep network, we are well positioned to help our portfolio companies attract additional and substantial investments.


We help entrepreneurs achieve their vision and their goals.