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Peter Muhlmann, founder and CEO of Trustpilot
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“We have been incredibly fortunate in finding an early investor that has been able to stay with us for the entire journey and help us get through to the next stage of investors for every round. If I one day decide to start a new business, Seed is the first investor I will call.”

Peter Mühlmann, founder and CEO of Trustpilot

Heini Zachariassen, founder of Vivino

"Seed Capital believed in us from day one and helped take Vivino from a small local app in Denmark to the number 1 wine app in the world."

Heini Zachariassen, founder of Vivino

Mette Lykke, founder of Endomondo
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"Seed Capital was the first institutional investor to believe in us and have backed us all the way. Seed Capital also helped us find a chairman, who made a big difference towards a successful exit early 2015."

Mette Lykke founder of Endomondo

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"Seed has contributed with their strong network in the financial sector and has helped us set an excellent board. They have been very helpful as a strategic partner and we have had a great collaboration developing our business model."

Ken Villum Klausen, founder and CEO of Lunar Way

Christian Lund, co-founder of Templafy

"The road from great product to amazing business is bumpy. Seed Capital have helped us navigate it from the minute we met, and they continue to fuel our motivation every day."

Christian Lund, co-founder of Templafy

‘’As an experienced entrepreneur, I know how important it is to have experienced investors with me on the journey. This is why I chose to work with Seed. They showed their experience from the first meeting, they understood the problem straight away, and have been an invaluable help in getting Dixa from seed to series A’’

Mads Fosselius, Founder & CEO Dixa

"Seed Capital has been the perfect partner from the very beginning. We have been given the best conditions to scale our business exponentially - going from 2 to 70 employees in just one year - and the journey has only just begun."

Thor Angelo, founder and CEO of OrderYOYO

Mik Stroyberg, founder and CEO of Good Monday
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"After 8 years in New York and a succesful exit of Lemonsqueeze, I decided to move back to Denmark and start Good Monday. We were lucky to get Seed Capital on board from the get-go and they have been nothing but professional and super responsive."

Mik Stroyberg, founder and CEO of Good Monday

Mark Hojgaard, founder and CEO of Coinify
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"Becoming the world’s preferred blockchain payment provider requires agility, but also clarity in communicating to stakeholders. Seed Capital have been with us from the beginning. They have been supportive and have challenged us with their constructive feedback."

Mark Højgaard, founder and CEO of Coinify

Global winners start with the strongest local partner

We believe that new technology can disrupt existing industries and create immense business opportunities. In Denmark we have many outstanding entrepreneurs capable of identifying innovative and value-creating opportunities. We believe that the next generation of tech entrepreneurs will play a key role in shaping Denmark’s future, and we are highly committed in working with them to achieve great results.

Seed Capital Team at the office

Who we are

Seed Capital has established itself as the most successful seed stage investor in Denmark. We are a strong local partner, respected by winning entrepreneurs and top international syndication partners.

For more than 20 years, some of Denmark’s best companies have benefitted from our investments and support, including our wide business networks and extensive experience.

We have identified, funded and helped many companies to commercial success, and some to profitable exits. Companies such as Trustpilot, Vivino, Templafy and Endomondo.

What we look for

We look for ambitious tech companies born in Denmark. The experience gained over the years from over 300 investment cases has given us an ability to find founding teams with the ‘X factor’ necessary for success.

We invest in people more than anything – those with an idea that can be turned into a scalable business, and who can attract talent, customers and investors.

We look for driven, ambitious entrepreneurs, willing to go the extra mile to build a successful venture. When we meet entrepreneurs who reflect these qualities, we are more than ready to work with them.

What we bring

We have a prominent track record in getting our portfolio companies from seed stage to Series A. We are known for our high level of professionalism and exceptional value add services that help our companies achieve their goals.

Besides investments, we assist our portfolio companies with value-generating activities such as management support, business development, organizational and strategic planning, marketing, and ad hoc operational, financial, and legal assistance.

We also help companies attract strong candidates for the board and identify the key early hires who are central to the success of companies.

Meet the Team

Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack
Ulla Brockenhuus-SchackManaging Partner
Lars Andersen
Lars AndersenGeneral Partner
Niels Vejrup Carlsen
Niels Vejrup CarlsenGeneral Partner
Peter Egehoved
Peter EgehovedGeneral Partner
Anne Cathrine Wilhjelm
Anne Cathrine WilhjelmAttorney, Partner
Jakob Fuglede Nielsen
Jakob Fuglede NielsenCFO, Partner
Zenia W. Francker
Zenia W. FranckerDirector of Platform
Tine Lindgreen
Tine LindgreenPrincipal
Chris Porsgaard
Chris PorsgaardPrincipal
Kristin Ims Hagen
Kristin Ims HagenBusiness Controller
Martin Bo Sørensen
Martin Bo SørensenRecruitment Director

Contact us

If you would like us to consider your company for investment, a personal introduction from someone we know and trust is always the best way to get our attention, but alternatively feel free to send us your pitchdeck at Please note that Seed Capital only invests in companies based in Denmark.

If you would like us to consider your candidacy for an executive or board role among our portfolio companies, feel free to upload your resume to us by following this link: Candidates – Brinch & Partners. The process will be handled by Brinch & Partners and managing partner Martin Bo Sørensen in close collaboration with Seed Capital. Advertised positions within the portfolio companies are handled by the specific company. Please contact the company for more information.

Do you have other questions for us? You’re always welcome to contact us at